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 Online, Video call, Distance or in person

 Cost : $300 (1- 2 hour session)

Telepathic Introspective Hypnosis /Pass Lives RegressiveTherapy


Why Does Everyone Need a Telepathic Introspective Hypnosis Session?
The human body is a big repository of repressed emotions, which are stored in our subconscious waiting for us to deal with them. When no special attention is paid to them, they start manifesting as physical symptoms: tension, headaches, pain, cancer, etc.

Those emotions could have been generated in this life, a previous one, or ancestor family lineage. Only you have the power to break, eliminate, change or transform past or present agreements, contracts, attachments, promises and chains that hold you from being free.

With Telepathic Introspective Hypnosis we gain access to a person's subconscious, Higher Self, Energy Body and go to the origin, root cause of those psychosomatic symptom. Once you understand the psychological or emotional origin and deal with it, the symptom disappears.

Telepathic Introspective Hypnosis /Pass Lives RegressiveTherapy is a technique to find the root cause of client's psychological disorders such as phobias, fears, sorrows, anorexia, bulimia, low self esteem, insecurity, migraine, obesity, obsessions, quit smoking, obesity and allergies. It is also used in medicine and dentistry for pain suppression.

Telepathic Introspective Hypnosis / Pass Lives RegressiveTherapy is a technique to change, nodify and or cancel contracts made by you, your parents or Ancesters.  These contracts are the result of your health problems, finacial deficulties, bad relationships, etc.