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Transforming Lives Through Mind, Body and Spirit


Healing Therapeutic Touch:

Rain Drop Technique:

  1. Decreases Negative  Emotions 
  2. Arouses Sluggish Sensing & Motor Nerves
  3. Increase Cellular Activity
  4. Improves Circulation
  5. Improves the Immune Function
  6. Helps Realign The Spine
  7. Reduces Pain
  8. Helps Enhance Body Awareness
  9. 7 Essential oils on Spine

Aromatherapy Massage:

  1. Promotes Better Sleep
  2. Decreases Anxiety & Depression
  3. Regulates Hormones
  4. Relieves Menstrual Cramps
  5. Kills Fungal & Bacterial Infections
  6. Stimulates the Immune System
  7. Improves Skin Tone
  8. Reduces Inflammation
  9. Decrease Congestion
  10. Relieves Tension Headaches

Gemstone & Crystal Healing

Chakras Ballancing

Life Force Energy:


 1. Promote Feelings of Peace

 2. Spiritual Development        

 3. Physical &  Emotional Healing

 4. Relaxation & Stress Relief

 5. Mind, Body, & Spirit                    Connection


Chromatherapy or Color Light Therapy is used in what some consider to be a pseudo-scientific procedure to balance a person's physical, spiritual, mental and emotional energy.

Some believe it has  medical benefits and can be used in treatments, whereas others opt to use it in home interiors to influence mood.